Way of Working

The global coalition for solutions to challenges for Islam, ICISOI works by e-networks.

Examples of Networking media that we could work on

Mail Group: Query to CR


A Member in the Islam & COVID CoP posts a query to other subscribers in the group, and responses are posted within a reply-by-date. Simultaneously, the facilitators responsible for the social media platforms, where the same query was posted would channel all the responses from the social media to the main e-mail group, enabling bridging of participants across all media platforms. Subsequently, the thread is consolidated, summarized, posted, and indexed as Consolidated Replies (CR) for use by the Islam & COVID members. The result is a quick, comprehensive and actionable way forward.

Immediate Tasks

Tasks as Solutions

Office Tasks:  The immediate tasks are setting up the Working group, and recruiting staff to set up the Regional Offices. If you are the right person do apply for these paid positions click and apply:



ICISOI Products:  Collecting, indexing, and producing these advocacy products for use by the members, would be a quick, comprehensive and actionable way forward.

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โ€œFor surely it is not the eyes that are blind but the hearts.” โ€” Quran 22:46

In the verse above Almighty Allah asks why people donโ€™t travel on earth so that they would have hearts with which they understand and ears with which they hear. 

And if we have a heart, a human one, must we not be humane?

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