Do I hate or love Health Care Workers(HCW) and COVID-19 patients?

Quiz Purpose & Instructions: We have in this quiz the right questions in the right number, with the response buttons randomized as well, so that it is as per the existing Denial, Stigma and Discrimination (DSD) scales used in research work. Moreover, your responses are not stored anywhere in this web page or on your device. Accordingly, after you complete selection of your responses, and hit the "Compute Score" button, you will see your score in an alert message, which is lost on you hitting the "OK" button. Consequently, depending on your score, you can be redirected to different web pages with similar games and quizzes. So, do click on the three info buttons to read up more on the confidentiality of this quiz, as well as about stigma and discrimination in COVID-19.



My Quiz for DSD

1. If you are tested positive for COVID-19 and have some symptoms, you feel:

Okay, as others attitude do not affect you, also you correct their avoidance.
Bad, whenever people avoid you, conciously or unconciously.
You do not feel sad, but you do not correct others for avoiding you.
Guilty always, as you are not as good as others because of having COVID-19.

2. In a meeting, you find that the person next to you has recovered from COVID-19, three weeks ago. You would:

Request the person to leave the meeting, and even remove him/her physically
Talk in favour of the person attending the meeting, but not act in support.
Request the person to leave the meeting, but never remove him/her physically.
Do all that is possible to care, and support the person.

3. On the increased risk faced by Health Care Workers (HCW) treating COVID-19 patients, you:

Will talk against HCW, but you will not physically harm them.
Will talk in support of HCW, but will not act in support.
Proactively volunteer and support HCW and other "COVID-Warriors".
Feel, Well, they deserve to be infected, and so you are ready to be violent as well.

4. While calling up a friend you come to know that two of his family have just contacted COVID-19. You will

Persuade the family to leave the locality, otherwise arrange to remove them physically
Arrange for treatment, provision, care, and support to the affected family.
Talk in favour of the family staying in the locality, but not act to support them.
Request the family to move elsewhere, but never remove them physically.

5. If you are invited, to a function by one who recovered from COVID-19 more than three weeks ago, you will:

Not attend, and find every excuse to prevent other invitees from attending.
Attend, but keep as safe a distance from the patient and his family.
Proactively try to stop the function with all the friends you can gather.
Attend the function, offer support, and invite him/her to a meal, as follow-up.

6. HCW and others working with COVID-19 must not mix in public places, as they could spread COVID-19. You:


7. The building next to your house is being converted into a COVID-19 First Line Treatment Center (CFLTC). You will:

Try to save some time to volunteer at the hospital, and also donate in kind.
Ring up the authorities and persuade them of a better place, but will not protest against it.
After all patients have to be treated, and next door is as good as any other place.
Try your best to stop the hospital from coming up, and start a protest meeting.

8. People with COVID-19 must be treated with care and support. You:


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