In the name of Allah, The Entierly Beneficient, The Totally Merciful : Bismillah hir Rahman hir Rahim

Names of Relatives in Urdu

Instructions: For each item in the left column enter the number of the corresponding item in the right column. If the number you enter is correct, the right answer will be copied to the adjacent box. Otherwise a "sad faced smiley" will appear in that space. No one wants to deal with a "sad faced smiley"!

When all the boxes are correctly filled in, the screen will change color to show your efforts are appreciated!.

This quiz is for your own practice only; no record of your progress is kept or reported to anyone. InshaAllah, the second part of this quiz will come out soon.

These questions are based on names of family relatives in the Urdu language.

Bada Bhai
Badi Behan
Chota Bhai
Choti Behan
1. Brother
2. Daughter
3. Elder brother
4. Elder sister
5. Father
6. Maternal Grandfather
7. Maternal Grandmother
8. Mother
9. Paternal Grandfather
10. Paternal Grandmother
11. Sister
12. Son
13. Younger brother
14. Younger sister


Highest Possible Score: 13

This compelling, self-correcting, Urdu-language-building,
matching-quiz, was produced for KYFCT and ICISO
sites as we could not start the
Urdu classes due to the
COVID-19 pandemic.
Jazack Allah Khair.

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