1. River of Life in Self Assessments of Preventing COVID-19

What is the River of Life?
The challenge that that the community faces in COVID-19 is not usually a recognition of being vulnerable to the virus, but that of coming together and having an open discussion about the pandemic, and its consequences. This in the Constellation's one score years of experience helped to facilitate the Self Assessments so that communities could come together, discuss, and through this tool mark their progress . For COVID-19, The Constellation has developed three List of practices: 1) for individuals , 2) for communities , and 3) for Health care workers . For full intro to Self Assessments do visit:

At we have a Self Aassesment graph generator that draws bar graphs. Accordingly, if we change these Self Assessment bar graphs to a line one, then the gap in the two lines between the Dream Levels and the Done levels for the Practices is the 'River of Life'.

Moreover, we can compare our own Individual progress in narrowing the width of our 'River of Life' over time. Accordingly choose the month from the Multiple Self Assessments selector in the next section to see the 'River of Life' for the selected month, for Rafique's Individual self-assessments done from Dec 2019 the pre-COVID time to Sep 2020.

2. Click Drop down box to see: Multiple Rivers of Life!

Notice how when in the succeeding months the 'River of Life' becomes narrow, or the gap between Practices 'Done Level' and 'Dream Level' becomes thin, we always revisit our dream, and so our dream level moves closer to the highest level of 5, or the highest level of competence! Thus, these Self Assessments help us to be competent.

See More at:

Do download the 2010 versions of the River of Life Diagrams from Guyana shared by Gaston as Excel files by clicking here.

Also how everyone can do their own Self-Assessment (SA) of their competency level on this scale of one to five levels in each of these practices, is available at: For, a second version of the co-check, built on the experience of more than 1000 co-checks done click here.

A power point at to help at the 1) individual , 2) community , and 3) Health care worker respectively, gives detials of how these three Self Assessments (SA), protect , prevent, contain, manage , and mitigate the pandemic .

The Constellation wants to give all people the right to share, use, and build upon the 1) individual , 2) community , and 3) Health care worker Self Assessments, so that we can continue to collaborate and improve on these Self Assessments. So, inform us your improvements at: or or WhatsApp:+91 755 88 45 528 or +32 475 86 33 37

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