COVID-19 Self Assessment Graphs of 'Where we are?'

What are Self Assessments in COVID-19?
In March 2020, The Constellation had developed the COVID-19 Self Assessments for the Individual, Communities, and Health Care Workers.These Self Assessments (SA) consists of a list of about ten to twelve practices. In the Individual practices, the three W's are the vitals: 1) Washing hands, 2) Watching our distance, and 3) Wearing a Mask. In each of these practices we can attain particular levels of competency. The highest level in any practice is Level 5. The grading of the levels is shown for the practice of 'Washing our Hands":

Description of Self Assessment LevelLevel No. & Name
I know everything but I have never washed my hand in my life!1. Aware
I wash my hand only when my spouse or partner insists!2. React
I wash my hand only when I have to attend a party, wedding, or a function.3. Act Ocassionally
I wash hands every time, but forget whenever I drink, or have friends visiting4. Act Continously
Washing my hands is my life! I am as good as the best in the world!5. Lifestyle

Highest level in any practice is: Level 5

Enter Levels for 10 practices and click button to see graph.
Wash Hands:

Watch Distance:

Wear A Mask:

Work at Home:

Obey Advisories:

Healthy Life:

Avoid Crowds:

Stop Stigma:

Quality of Life:


Total: Remain:

No graph drawn if total > 50 or = 0.

It is more about Starting a Conversation in the Community than doing the Self Assessments in COVID-19:
This list of practice is just a suggestion of what we in the Constellation developed, and has proved useful to us in starting a conversation in the communities. For, as we in the Constellation have found, that without getting the communities to talk about their issues and concerns in their lives, the use of the SA did not lead anywhere in terms of actions. Hence the importance of the discussions and the generic unfolding of the whole cycle Community Life Competence Processs (CLCP) within a group or Community. That is why, we are sure this list of practices can also guide you to facilitate difficult conversations in your community, so that they can start the CLCP journey to become competent against the virus. Of course these lists are not cast in stone, and so you and your communities can develop your own list or adapt this list of practices to suit best their circumstances and stage in the pandemic.

Also how everyone can do their own Self-Assessment (SA) of their competency level on this scale of one to five levels in each of these practices, is available at:

A power point at to help at the individual, community, and Health care workers respectively, gives detials of how these three Self Assessments (SA), protect, prevent, contain, manage, and mitigate the pandemic.

The Constellation wants to give all people the right to share, use, and build upon the Individual, HCW, and Community Self Assessments, so that we can continue to collaborate and improve on these Self Assessments. So, inform us your improvements at: or or WhatsApp:+91 755 88 45 528 or +32 475 86 33 37

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